Todd Vitale - Founder

Todd Vitale, owner of Division 1 Prep and former owner of C4 Training is best recognized for his scientifically structured training programs. Todd has been an elite athlete since his college days, when he played football for the University of Pittsburgh. His accolades include All County and All State titles for defensive tackle in CT during his high school years. Todd was also one of USA Today's top prospect defensive tackles in the country in 1993. More recently, Todd is both a triathlete and an Ironman.  “It’s important to understand what kind of training it takes to play a Division 1 Sport or compete in a triathlon, when tailoring a sports specific training regimen for my clients,” says Vitale.  These experiences propelled Todd into the fitness industry.  Todd is the former owner of C4 Training and now the current owner of Division 1 Prep, both located in Greenwich Connecticut.  “To be able to motivate my clients on a daily basis and witness their inner pride as they surpass their personal goals is why I chose this profession. It is a rewarding experience for me,” says Vitale.  Todd is both a coach and a mentor for his adolescent and collegiate athletes. 

Division 1 Prep was founded in 2012 and has held the title of “Best of Greenwich” for seven consecutive years. “I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it wasn’t for the support of my clients,” says Vitale.  “Here at Division 1 Prep, we are a family. Everyone knows everyone and the older athletes set examples for the younger athletes.”  Todd has prepared many high school athletes for their future in Division 1 level sports in many prestigious schools.  With the competition that exists when applying for college, mastering a sport is a great advantage for the applicants.   

Todd is now expanding his Division 1 sports complex and welcoming its newest addition, Crossfit Exceed.  Todd had attended a Crossfit competition and was inspired by the experience, which led to the opening of Crossfit Exceed. Todd’s goal at Crossfit Exceed is to build a community of athletes, who are provided with opportunities to maximize their potential.  “To me, Crossfit is about competition within oneself, while being motivated and driven by the athletes around you,” says Vitale.  Our WOD’s at Crossfit Exceed present challenges, which push our athletes to work hard, go beyond their limits and accomplish goals they never thought possible.  “I am excited to build a community where athletes come together and celebrate their accomplishments. We are all in this together,” says Vitale.  

Corey Mack - Head Coach

Corey grew up in Stamford and attended the University of Connecticut and University of Bridgeport, graduating with a B.A. in history and M.S. in education.  During this time he also pursued his interest in outdoor education, which eventually led him to coach and guide children and adults in skiing and various other outdoor adventure sports in California.  After moving back to Connecticut to pursue his teaching career, Corey needed another means to maintain his fitness and health, and was introduced to the team at Carozza Fitness and CrossFit Sound Beach. The training was unlike anything he had ever done before, and it kept him coming back for three years.  Now, as a coach, he hopes to combine his passion for teaching with his love of CrossFit, in order to help others acquire and perfect the skills needed to achieve their goals as athletes.

Mike Palomba - Coach

Mike was born and raised in Stamford CT and has been playing sports since he was 5 years old. He has played baseball and football at the highest level since he has entered high school. He was selected to the All-FCIAC team three years in a row for both sports. After taking a few years off from these sports due to injury he found crossfit. Crossfit has allowed him to compete at a high level of fitness, and has now become his passion in life. He had received a certificate as a level 1 crossfit trainer and has over 5 years of coaching experience with youth athletes. Mike has competed in many individual crossfit competitions and has placed first in each one he entered. He has sacrificed many hours of the day to his training and in 2017 placed 5th in the East Regionals and is going to the Reebok CrossFit Games. Mike is very dedicated as a coach to help all people to reach their goal of fitness.

John Sammarco  - Coach


I grew up in New Canaan where I played baseball competitively at a high level from a very early age all though high school. After high school I went to UConn where I earned a BS in nutritional sciences and where I also fell in love with CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. It was through these new avenues that I was able to fill the competitive void baseball had left but to also reach people and help others reach their potential and goals. Along with my cf LVL 1 I have my USAW LVL 1 and currently working towards my USAW LVL 2 and CSCS. I've competed in national meets in weightlifting and plan on making a comeback to the big stage sometime very soon.

Paige McKiernan - Coach

Fitness only became part of Paige’s life after turning 30. She turned to the “traditional” gym then later on to boxing. After a life-altering event, late in 2009, Paige started her journey to keep her mind and body active. In August 2010, she stumbled onto CrossFit and hasn’t looked back. When Paige was in her 20’s and 30’s, she experimented with Vegan and Vegetarian and thought she had her diet in check. Then after CrossFit, she later realized she was a “skinny fat” chick. After incorporating a flexible macro-nutrient diet and lifting heavy weights, Paige says she’s stronger, faster and more confident now at 40, then she was at 20! “It’s fun trying to compete with girl’s half my age and keep up most of the time!” She then became a CrossFit Level 1 and Crossfit Kids Certified trainer '. 


CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Kids Certification
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification

Kate Balone - Coach

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Kate was introduced to CrossFit in 2011.  CrossFit provided a challenging alternative to her kettle bell, boxing and cycling regimen.  CrossFit and Olympic lifting has provided a fun mental and physical challenge for her, driving her to learn more about technique and skill. As a coach, Kate enjoys helping members reach their health and wellness goals.  

Crossfit Level 1
Mad dogg Certified spinning instructor STAR 3
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification